Tired of the bustling city, walking into the unique semi-urban area of Malaysia, what we feel here is full of happiness.

Students from the third batch of 2022 tour guide course visited Muar on 1 Jan, listening to the sea breeze here telling countless local stories and cultures, looking for breath-taking murals along the street, and enjoying the delicious food, explore the unique local cuisine.

Along with the warm wind, I also came to another characteristic town in southern Malaysia — Batu Pahat , and visited local cultural heritages such as Mazu Temple, Dabogong Temple, etc. Batu, which is full of temples, seems to have endless fairy tales.

The murals make cities and small towns feel dynamic, and also spread a strong cultural atmosphere. The temples give Malaysia a peaceful atmosphere, and they also symbolize the traditional customs left by the ancestors in the process of opening up territories. with faith.

And these are very precious footprints in the development process of Malaysia. As a tour guide, you will have the opportunity to spread Malaysia’s unique fine traditions and humanistic charm to the world!