Air Cabin Crew Course

A Chance to Travel The World

The primary responsibility of airline cabin crew, also known as flight attendants, is to ensure passenger safety while on board. They must also assure passenger comfort, which is why excellent customer service skills are essential.

Our cabin crew course is a part-time basic training programme. This course will be offered with the possibility of adding modules to meet the needs of those working in the airline business. This training programme aids in the establishment of a basic foundation, provides trainees with a thorough understanding of the nature of the profession, and thoroughly prepares them for the transfer into a cabin crew position.

Because flight attendants work irregular hours, they are not suitable for folks who prefer to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, the lifestyle is gregarious, friendly, and occasionally foreign – especially if you work as a long-haul cabin crew member and fly and stopover at international airports. It’s a demanding job that pays well in the end.

Our goal is to give a high-quality course that will help you stand out from other applicants for cabin crew positions and determine whether you have what it takes. We have a team of experts who are ready to mentor you by assisting you in understanding the recruiter’s expectations for prospects.

Course Subjects / Activities

  • Introduction to the Airline Industry
  • Air Transport and Flight Operation
  • Crew Responsibilities and Cooperation
  • Managing Abnormal and Emergency Situation
  • Medical Emergencies Onboard the Aircraft
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Aviation Security
  • Customer Services and Interaction with Passengers
  • Airline Catering and Onboard Retails Services
  • Cabin Crew Professional Development

Entry Requirements

  • Nationality: MALAYSIAN
  • 17-30 years old 
  • Minimum height: Male 170cm, Female 158cm
  • SPM/UEC (Min. credit in English)
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Healthy and presentable
  • Good eyesight
  • Passionate about aviation industry
  • Job assistance in major airlines
  • Career prospects: Flight attendants, airline ground staff, cruise line employees, high-speed rail employees, airport frontline personnel


  • Duration : 1 months
  • Certificate awarded 
  • Conducted in English

Aircraft Cabin Mockup

To better support our Air Cabin Crew course, we’ve specially set up a simulated cabin facility, enabling students to experience the work environment and tasks of cabin crew in a more realistic and comprehensive way.