Marsh wetlands, together with forests and oceans, are known as the three major ecosystems in the world. They have multiple functions such as regulating climate, maintaining ecological security, and protecting biodiversity. They are described as “the kidney of the earth.”

The swamp wetland is the most valuable ecosystem in the world. We benefit from the blessings of nature. There is a natural mangrove swamp forest in Tanjung Piai that nourishes the earth.

The southernmost point of the African continent is Cape Agulhas, the southernmost point of the American continent is Cape Horn, and the southernmost point of the Asian continent is Tanjung Piai.

Walking into the natural protected wetland forest, embracing the ends of the earth, temporarily staying away from the hustle and bustle, and feeling the breath of nature, the students of the 2022 third batch of our academy and Muar branch explored the beauty of nature, conducted field trips and guided learning.

A skill in hand is beneficial for life, and the tour guide course allows students from different backgrounds to find a new direction, based on the southern tip, and look at the dream in the distance.